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Dr. John Calhoun at Empower Chiropractic Care in St. Louis, MO specializes in helping the whole family, especially pregnant women and children. When a woman is pregnant, a skilled and knowledgeable chiropractor can help her find relief and prepare her body for an easier delivery. Once the baby is born, starting treatment for the infant is the best next step.

Chiropractic Care Visits Are Not Just for Adults

Chiropractic care is safe and beneficial at any age, from pregnancy to birth and throughout childhood into adulthood. Very young children can benefit from chiropractic care when treatment is started early. Care during pregnancy is a wonderful addition to prenatal care. It can ease back pain, neck pain, and sciatica that are all common conditions during pregnancy. Dr. John Calhoun safely and comfortably adjusts pregnant women to relieve symptoms while accommodating the pregnancy and helping prepare the pelvis for delivery.

The alignment of the spine is very important for healthy development. The birth process puts a child’s small body through trauma. When started early, chiropractic treatment using TRT works well while a child’s body is still growing. A misaligned spine that is left untreated can lead to health conditions such as ear infections, asthma, headaches, bed-wetting, digestive issues, tension, and ADHD.

What is TRT?

TRT stands for torque release technique and was designed after a considerable amount of scientific research. It is a precise way to deliver the perfect amount of energy consistently and reliably in a gentle manner. It quickly stimulates the nervous system in a way that releases and reduces tension to assist the body to self-correct. TRT combines the best systems of assessment and treatment and helps locate and reduce subluxations. This method uses an integrator instrument to help reproduce what the doctor’s hands were intended to do with more precision and less force. The integrator can deliver a specific frequency into the nerve endings of the spinal column in the precise location where nerve function has become irritated.

This gentle method is often used in pediatric chiropractic care. The small body of a child or an infant is more delicate than an adult’s body. This technique uses the child’s legs to determine where the spine is out of alignment. The expert then applies pressure to strategic points on the spinal column to align it properly. The torque release technique provides an overall enhancement to a patient’s health and well-being, relief from sleep issues, colic, and boosts the immune and nervous system.

Chiropractic Care in St. Louis, MO

Don’t wait another minute to get started on the road to better health. Call Dr. John Calhoun at Empower Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO today at (636) 556-0256 to schedule an appointment.


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  • Dr.
    John Calhoun

    Dr. John Calhoun is the Co-owner and primary Chiropractor at Empower Chiropractic. He graduated from Logan University in Chesterfield, Missouri where he received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree.   He also is Certified Advanced Proficient in Torque release technique, and has advanced training in multiple other chiropractic techniques.  He is an active member of the American Chiropractic Association and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Dr. John has a passion for helping people, which is why he chose to become a Chiropractor, and is excited to share that passion with the community he has grown to become a part of.

  • Brittni Davis

    Brittni Davis is the Co-owner and Office Manager at Empower Chiropractic. She is from Oklahoma where she worked with children in multiple different settings, one of them being in pediatric nursing. During this time, her passion for helping children and families was realized. At the same time, she was battling her own rapidly increasing health issues, the cause for which no one could explain to her. She desired to find a healthier concept to health for herself and others, instead of constantly treating symptoms with medicines that only caused more symptoms and provided no answers or real solutions. Finding Chiropractic gave her the hope she was searching for and has Empowered her to reach out and educate others. 

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